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We are a development team from Dresden, Germany.

We studied together at the university of Dresden and are a team since 2012. Our advanced development-skills are

  • Web, native and hybrid App-Development,
  • Internet Information Retrieval (Webcrawling, Webscraping),
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


Philip Domann

Co-Founder & Developer

Heinrich Kuhlmann

Co-Founder & Developer

Lukas Siedel

Co-Founder & Developer


Augmented Reality from the perspective of the tourist

Problem Often the tourist know which points-of-interest (POI’s) are around him and what for example is there history. A lot of times she doesn’t try to figure it out, because it is taking too much time. As a result the vacation loses some of its quality.
Solution Through augmenting the reality the information about the surrounding POI’s and for example there history can easy and comfortable be displayed to the tourist (e.g. picture).

The picture shows how Mapmo augments the Theaterplatz in Dresden (Germany). The blue, highlighted icon tells, that this point-of-interest is on focus. At the top of the display the name of the POI is shown.

Orientation with AR and VR

Many times the tourist doesn’t know what she is expecting to see inside a building or at the next spot to visit.
Mapmo brings the Virtual Reality to smartphones and allows the tourist to look around at those spots and inside buildings. The tourist can interact there as well with the digital information boards to achieve informations easily.
Video-Link to the virtual world of the Theaterplatz in Dresden (Germany):

Independent tourism locally and supporting while Planing

The tourist is looking for individual preferences for her journey. Thereto she has to do a long time research on the internet.
Mapmo merges data from serveral web-sources and internal Databases, by which the search for individual contents is enabled.
An historical interested person is searching for the term „roman“, to find places from the roman time.

Easy usage of multilingual contents

Problem Keep content about the destination up-to-date and translate it to multiple languages.
Solution Mapmo is capable to get user-generated content about nearly every POI from the internet and translate it. Of course own content can be added as well.
Example Use content from wikipedia as addition to your own content and make it multilingual.

* Possible sources: sources of the organisation, Facebook (descriptions, opening times etc.), OpenStreetMap (accurate location), Wikipedia (history)

Customer acquisition & Inbound Channel with VR

Problem Find new guests and inspire them.
The 360°-images and -videos used for the virtual worlds are created by Mapmo and its partners and will be shared in social networks and stores for virtual worlds.
Example The virtual world „Theaterplatz in Dresden“ (see Demo) would be offered in the Oculus-Store, to give VR-affine people an insight of Dresden, so that they decide more likely to visit the city.

Radical changes in usage of media

The user behaviour of media is subject to constantly changes. New challenges and trends could be used very lucrative, if the are recognised timely.


Due to statista.com the global market for virtual reality will rise from 2.2 billion € (2016) up to 18 – 25 billion € till 2021. Even 2017 there are 6.5 billion € estimated. For the market of augmented reality these numbers are even bigger and an increase of sales to 48.7 billion € are estimated for 2021 (0.2 billion € in 2016).. Therefore AR & VR is integrated by Mapmo.


Even now only the brief half of all web-requests in europe come from desktop pc’s (ca. 51.7%). Mobile devices matter more and more for end-users and therefore these users expect to get informations locally and contextual. The users which are shaped by the convenience in the internet, expect to get informations purposeful and without too much effort (e.g. for long time searching) Although Mapmo provides an integration for browsers, our focus lies heavily on mobile devices.


Because of the globalization, which includes all areas, the tourism market becomes more international, too. There was recently a massive increase of chinese tourists in Germany. Additionally the young customers expects more and more individual contents and experiences. Both trends combined require a strong focus on individual contents, which are available in multible languages.Therefore Mapmo integrates multilinguality & individuality.


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